Project Management Committee

The VALMER Project Management Committee (PMC) oversees the day-to-day project management of VALMER and provides strategic direction to the project. It consists of one person and one deputy per legal contracted partner, with the option to co-opt external individuals to advise the management group as required. The PMC meets every six months, and delivers actions under Work Package six of the project. More specifically it is tasked to:

• Monitor the financial and technical progress of the work

• Ensure Interreg contractual matters are respected

• Make decisions upon the participation in conferences, etc.

• Ensure tasks are delivered within agreed timescales.

• Advise the Project Manager and the Partners’ Project Managers as needed

• Approve the project deliverables

• Take necessary measures to ensure that every partner complies with their agreed activities according to the approved budget during the project life.

Minutes from the meetings are available here:

September 2012; PMC Rouen 2012

October 2012;  PMC Plymouth 2012

April 2013; PMC Brest 2013

April 2014; PMC Roscoff 2014